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Thread: Adding Sounds Crash the HTML5 app on iOS Devices

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    Adding Sounds Crash the HTML5 app on iOS Devices


    hey I need help with Clickteam Fusion 2.5. I’m quite new and learning bits and pieces, but am far from a good understanding of the software.

    I’ve made an app and have exported to html5 but whenever I add sound it stops working on most iOS devices and I get a screen that says ‘touch screen to continue’ when I upload it to my site. Any advice?

    If I remove the sounds it works, but if I add any sound files it just displays touch screens to continue.

    It happens no matter what sound format use - MP3, Wav, Ogg.

    Also I find that web links from the app don’t load when using iOS devices to load the html5 app.

    Both issues only are when I load the html5 app on my iPhones and iPad (although it works on my iPad Pro) and it works perfectly when tested on Android and PC devices.

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    I believe you're using the version 293.1, right?
    Check out this post:!

    Don't update to the new 293.6 beta version - it will not solve your problem for now if your sounds are looping. The iOS issue is solved for me by changing that js file.

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    I tried changing banks.js and application.js as described in that thread for my own HTML5 project.

    The sound actually works fine, but my issue is that Chrome and Safari stop registering taps after exactly 10 taps (using the multi touch object). FireFox allows more taps, but has a built-in delay between them so you cannot rapidly tap. If I remove all sound from the game, the tapping works fine.

    I have no option to opt into a beta, because I own Clickteam Fusion on Steam.

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    You can get the beta on Steam too. Select Fusion 2.5 in your Steam client, right click it, select Properties, and then select BETAS, select "beta tests" and enter the following code: x243TNkwZS1239

    It should automatically start downloading the latest beta. The current version is going to become the official update before the end of the week in theory anyway.

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