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Thread: Creating Objects and Changing Animation Sequence issue

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    Question Creating Objects and Changing Animation Sequence issue

    I thought I'd save on the number of individual Active Object in my frame by having one Active Object with various Animation Sequences to represent different enemy projectiles. My event is as follows:

    -Create Enemy Projectile @ Enemy Position
    -Change Enemy Projectile to User Animation 1

    Very simple and works fine, for one enemy. If I have two instances of the same enemy on screen, only one of the enemy projectiles will change it's Animation Sequence, the latest instance of that enemy's projectile will remain at the default Animation Sequence.

    Why does this happen and how can I correct it? Thank you.

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    This happens cause you're not properly selecting each instance.
    Yes, when you create a object relative to another it will create one for each instance, but this won't select all the instances of the other object created.
    For this you might need to do it like:

    * Every 05''-00
    Start loop for each one of Enemy, loop name "Create Projectile"

    * On each one of Active, loop name "Create Projectile"
    New Objects : Create Projectile at (0,0) from Enemy
    Projectile : Change animation sequence to Animation 1

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