A new version for In-app is ready, and I am looking for users that in their project focus on subscription(s) in order to help me test the new features added to the in-app object.

Please let me know here and tell me what are you looking for subscription(s).

New features added:

Implemented the Deep Link as requested by Google, which allow final user to pause, restore or cancel their subscription(s) in the Google play store application.

Check validity of subscriptions, which allow making some internal calculation to know if subscription is in grace period (free trial), valid or about to end according to a number of day you want to know (important to advise the user that their subscription is about to end), also two new expression, so you can from expressions get in long representation the time when the subscription(s) will expire for free trial or regular period.

And finally, added a new condition that will detect when the query purchases returns empty, (On Error & error =17) still valid though.