Hey everyone

I was wondering if there was a better way yet to sort out issues Clickteam apps have with high DPI scaling, other than this one (which isn't bad but is a janky workaround TBH) https://community.clickteam.com/threads/104567-High-DPI-Scaling-Behavior

Windows reports a lower resolution to the application so you have to force it to ignore it in the application properties in Windows. My project uses pixel art and I made a custom integer scaling system but of course, there are issues with full screen if Windows is scaling for high DPI. The fix is easy, to set it DPI scaling to "application" like the link above does, but I was hoping maybe the devs had maybe worked this out in some setting in Clickteam by now. More and more people are having higher resolution screens so it would make sense to make an option to disable Windows scaling on your built app right from Clickteam.

No biggie if I have to do the registry workaround for Windows builds but.. you know

Another question, I was hoping to build this for Mac as well, but TBH I've never really used a Mac that much. Do Macs do a similar scaling method, and if so, has anyone figured a fix for that out? I have my wife's macbook I could test on I suppose when the time comes