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Thread: Code deleteing itself??? please help

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    Code deleteing itself??? please help

    for some reason code just disappears and then i have to rewrite it then more code disappears and it just repeats, im gonna say the exact version of clickteam i have since it might change it i have the steam version of Clickteam Developer 2.5+ (the plus is the addon) and currently this glitch has happened twice to me but it does take away a lot of code. the only piece of recording i have of this glitch is this tutorial i made the glitch is show at 18:30. please help if you have a solution!

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    What is a timestamp where the code was previously entered that can be compared against 18:30 to see what disappeared?

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    A glitch in Fusion is that the undo does not work on all items. It could be that you are pressing undo on an unsupported action, and Fusion is undoing the last code you typed instead. (But if you were not pressing undo, I have no idea.)

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    is it when you duplicate the code in a new frame? or if you delete all the same actifs, fusion delete code corresponding to this actif

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