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Thread: Mongrel - Fusion game coming releasing on steam february 17th

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    Cool Mongrel - Fusion game coming releasing on steam february 17th

    Hi Fusionboys and girls

    Me and my friend has been developing a game called Mongrel for a long time. We've had plenty of revisions, but we finally ended up with a game we want to release. It's coming to steam early access on february 17th!

    7. Ash Hole.jpg

    11. Children.jpg

    5. Skyjump.jpg

    The game is a roguelite with a metroidvania overworld.

    - Get flushed in a toilet
    - Climb the social ladder to get popular with a beautiful lady
    - Find randomized upgrades in digusting eggs

    Over the years I've tricked people participating at my house parties to record voice acting for the game, which has resulted in a style of voice acting we're very proud of. I've mostly been a lurker on these forums, but I would never be able to get this far without the help of you guys - and for that I'm very thankful!

    Take a look at our steam page to watch our early access launch trailer:

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    Looks awesome!
    Good luck on Steam!

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