Best to all.

I have a product line rapidly coming up where we will be testing for a CD Rom artist's presentation program that will be developed on and for Windows and targeting Mac too.

This is something of a retro throwback idea. While there would be an online Android or HTML version (lesser) for promotions, one focus would be to have a version on the CD that is Mac.

Hybrid CDs were common back in the day, with a Win version and Mac version on the CD Rom for installation. This is a retro concept. But many artists use Mac rather than Windows, so here is the Q.

Regardless of the fact many new PCs of either brand are not coming with CD Rom / DVD players.

Q: Today's Macs now have Crossover, Wine, Virtual Machines, Bootcamp and Parallels to name some options to read Windows CD discs. I was considering on purchasing and working with the Mac Exporter and invest in the needed specs for the Mac to compile the mfa file for native use on this machine, but is it really needed? With all the options, I would think a Windows VM of any of these would be available on current Macs (within 5 years) and be able to install to the proper machine type on autorun.

Is the Mac exporter needed at this point. Please provide a few opinions or talking points.