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Thread: Download multiple images from the net

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    Download multiple images from the net

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to create software that's a kind of catalog, that needs to be able to download multiple images (in this instance, batches of 12) from different locations on the web.

    I've tried various ways but they all result in failures to download, or such a lag, that I only can get one file at a time.

    I've tried to create a way to download each batch of 12 images before loading into Active Picture OBJ but with the Web objects available, I can't find a way to make it work in a queue. It either hangs or I only get the first image. I've basically been trying to use loops to download from a list.

    If the Active image object had this feature it would be amazing, but I'm hoping someone out there has come up with a solution.

    Any advice would be awesome.

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    Ive succeeded in this, but I only get one file at a time. (DL Slot 1) Im using the Queue object to grow a list of downloadable URLS. Checking if the local file exists first, if not and (if my queue is not empty and if a download is not in progress do download and set variable A to 1.)

    Next if A=1 and download completed slot 1, Set A to 2, And do some other stuff.

    Next if A=2 then Set A to 0 and pop the queue.

    The reason for is that Ive found if you pop the queue object on the same line it seems to execute before you can get the data out of it. even if its in your last column.

    Hope that helps.

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