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Thread: I need parenting advice

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    I need parenting advice

    Now that you clicked this thread, you may just as well help me, eh?

    So! I have two objects, one is a fire bullet and the other is the light for this object (using add effect). I create it like this:

    + WeaponID of bunnyPMO = 1
         New Objects : Create Scorcher at X=XActionPoint( "Bunny Gun" ), Y=YActionPoint( "Bunny Gun" ), Layer=Layer( "Bunny Gun" )
         New Objects : Create Scorcher Light at X=X( "Scorcher" ), Y=Y( "Scorcher" ), Layer=3
        Scorcher Light : Set parent to Fixed( "Scorcher" )
        Scorcher : Set child to Fixed( "Scorcher Light" )
    And then I try to update the positions like this (loop is created in the Always event:

    * On each one of Scorcher Light, loop name "Scorcher Light Update"
    + parent of Scorcher Light = Fixed( "Scorcher" )
    + child of Scorcher = Fixed( "Scorcher Light" )
        Scorcher Light : Set X position to X( "Scorcher" )
        Scorcher Light : Set Y position to Y( "Scorcher" )
    Unfortunately if I try to fire another bullet before the first is destroyed, the light gunk stays on the screen, frozen in the air.

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    I think the second condition (parent of scorcher light = fixed(scorcher)) is unnecessary. Try deleting it - does that improve anything?

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    Don't worry about setting IDs for positioning objects?

    Fusion automatically "pairs" objects when they are created together.
    WeaponID = 1
    Create scorcher light
    Create scorcher

    Position scorcher light at scorcher

    Now instead of worrying about destroying them do this:

    Scorcher collides with object
    - position scorcher at -50 -50

    Now you can either position a dummy object at -50,-50 and destroy scorcher and scorcher light when there is overlap or you can just do like this:

    Scorcher x < -40
    + Scorcher y < -40

    Do the same for scorcher light

    Easy solution and no need to track IDs.

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