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Thread: Does anyone know a way to recover assets from a corrupted game file?

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    Does anyone know a way to recover assets from a corrupted game file?

    Hi, I've got a couple of games that I've been working on, or rather levels, that I was going to combine as part of a larger project.
    Unfortunately, some of these have gotten corrupted and are un-openable, because while working on the projects, the power went out for one reason or another.
    for instance today, (and this is what prompted me to post here) I was preparing for a date and I was so excited about my prospective date that I accidentally kicked the off switch on my pc, (maybe this is a subconscious sign).
    Unfortunately an entire weeks work (that was pretty awesome in my opinion) has just been corrupted!

    The levels in question were coded (or scripted if you like)
    in the now antiquated "the games factory", thats the old 32 bit version.

    I still like making games using tgf, and then converting them to MMF and Clickteam fusion so I can fortify the code, add features and make them modern.
    Anyhow, it would be so awesome, If anyone could assist me, in recovering the data from these corrupted game files.

    Surely it's not impossible, since the encoding on TGF files is pretty weak (right? or is that an assumption?), I've seen people rip graphics from
    tgf games before, using tools and mods, but i've never done it before, since i've had no reason to.

    So if anyone could help find a solution to this I would be super grateful.!!

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    Hello Jinxtengu. You should not "rip" anything from Clickteam products (such as completed games). Contact Clickteam, as they may be able to help you with your problem.

    ​458 TGF to CTF 2.5+ Examples and games

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    Check if you don't have any .001 files with the same name as the mfa, those are backup files, rename to .mfa or just drag and drop that to Fusion toolbar

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