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Thread: Lacewing using player 1's phone as a host (and as a server?)

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    Question Lacewing using player 1's phone as a host (and as a server?)

    Hello everyone !

    Tell me, for an android game project that I have been working on for some time, I would like to provide a possibility to do multiplayer using Lacewing / Bluewing.

    The objective would be to ensure that a second player can join player 1 in his game to give him a hand. It therefore does not require a very heavy connection.

    So until all is well. However, there is a small peculiarity that I would like to introduce to this program,

    It's being able to directly use player 1's phone as a host, and which directly hosts player 2 within it. Instead of going through an external server (like those of darwire by default for example, or without that I need to create one especially for my game).

    However, if as much as I know how to connect to a relay server, I have no idea how to make the host phone directly become the host. Is there a system to do using the IP of the host phone for example?

    In addition, small additional difficulty: I do not want to do LAN, local. I would like, in this case, to ensure that it works even if we are not connected to the same network and the phones are not in the same place. In short, that we use the Internet despite everything.

    Is this possible?

    Thanks in advance ^-^

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    What you are looking for is P2P, and there isn't any extension for this on Fusion. Lacewing is a different protocol entirely.
    You need a server, then users should be able to use channels as "sub-servers" that they can host and share to other people to join.
    There isn't a Lacewing Server for mobile, and there might never be one, because it requires the person hosting to set the device's IP to a fixed one and port forward that on the router.

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