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Thread: Example: Custom Fractal Tree 🌳

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    Lightbulb Example: Custom Fractal Tree 🌳

    I have shared this example on Click Converse Discord Server but thought it will be a good idea to also share it on the forum so it can reach more Fusion users (From now on I might do that for my other examples as well)

    Pasted Directly from Discord:
    So I have been experimenting with Fractal Trees and I finally managed to implement them!
    I only implemented the most symmetrical tree approach, there are still other methods that allow for more dynamic trees with more randomness and such

    The tree is created from start to finish inside a loop, if want to apply the changes made to the values visually you would have to clear the screen (or delete the segment objects if you use actives instead of surface) then redraw (or recreate the segments) again based on the new values (basically every time you want to change the tree you would have to regenerate it)

    The more Levels, the more expensive it gets
    Surprisingly if you used Actives to draw the Tree instead of Surfaces the performance impact is not that big, even tho actives are constantly being deleted and recreated again

    I might later implement a real actual OOP approach with this, but this would require a different method, for now this what I got, please let me know of what you think and how this can be used in different projects

    Example: Fractal Tree.mfa

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    @prester, that's working as intended.
    What it actually does is that it draws the same thing but using multiple active objects instead of one Surface object, because Surface isn't compatible with other runtimes.

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