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Thread: Multi Media Fusion Question

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    Multi Media Fusion Question

    First off let me apologize for posting this here. The forum will not let me post anywhere else. I have been away a while.
    My question is this. I used to play around with MMF years ago. Designed a few games. And had fun with it.
    But as I stated that was years ago, maybe as many as ten or fifteen
    Well I have decided to get back into the hobby, and I still have my old copy of MMF (I think it is the original)
    I installed it, and it runs great, (surprised because it was made for Windows98
    SHould I drop the money on the latest version. I am sure there has been some improvements since 2015.
    What new and exciting things will I be getting with the latest version that I didn't have in 2015.
    Also when I bought the program way back then, it said I was entitled to free upgrades, but I don't think that still applies.
    So what should I do, stick with what I have, buy the latest version of MM2 or get Clickteam Fusion 2
    Thank you

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    So, I guess you mean MMF or MMF1.5...
    MMF2.0 was a big improvement, yeah, and from that to Fusion 2.5 also another big leap, and currently with the 294 beta and Plus upgrade, it got to a whole new level!
    I can't remember if there was a free upgrade from MMF to MMF1.5, but from MMF2 to Fusion 2.5 people could (and I guess still) get a discount for upgrading.
    I don't recommend going for MMF2 nowadays since Fusion 2.5 did improved so much of it that for me particularly MMF2 is unusable.
    But I do however suggest you to buy Fusion 2.5 and if you can, the 2.5+ DLC as well (you can get it as a bundle, either from the shop or Steam)
    It has so much quality of life improvements, new features... It's really worth it.

    I have a list of the key features of every version, so you may take a look to see what have changed since you last used Clickteam softwares!
    Of course this doesn't include it all but most things that stood out to me.

    And you also may check out the video about Build 294!
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