Hello folks on Clickteam! I have been working on this fangame project since the last year (2021). Currently I'm looking for some people who could just help me replicate some sprites, graphics and other stuff from these screenshots.

So story is that is different from the final Rayman: Jimmy, a 10-year boy creates his own world on the computer, HereItsCool only for the computer virus to infect it and Jimmy gets sucked into the computer becoming Rayman. Here in this fangame there will be only singer-player.

ItzalDrake made this walking animation sprite for Raygirl and I considered him to join the project.

This is not going to be a paid work. I'm currently looking for some programmers and spriters, I know i'm a noobie since 2016 and I don't know anything much else from Clickteam aside from watching tutorials...


Contact me on Discord if you want to join my project: