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Thread: Build 294.9 - Release candidate

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    Quote Originally Posted by Volnaiskra View Post
    I think it might have something to do with tooltips. I've always had mine at 10ms or so. I just increased it to 555, and it didn't make the problem go away, but did seem to make an improvement (but only after restarting Fusion after changing the setting). I've always used "Menu Animations>None", and I get the problem pretty reliably. Just tried it with "Menu Animations> Default", and it was the same. So I'm not sure if that makes much difference.

    Another annoyance with this bug is that you also have to keep very still after double-clicking an active in the Frame Editor. Because if you move the cursor afterwards, it will do a little bait-and-switch where it unselects the object, and then interprets your double-click as being on an empty area. As a result, instead of opening up the Animation Editor, it opens up the "Create new Object" dialog.
    Finally I think I've been able to reproduce it, in theory this is fixed in the next update...

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    Quote Originally Posted by defisym View Post
    You can get object's rect position, minus top left then you can get the relative hotshot position.
    However, for extensions, if author forgets to update object rect size then you may get incorrect result.
    thanks for the answer

    yeah there are ways of getting it, but it would be a lot cleaner and consistent if there was a direct value you could access, as things like scaling the object mess it up completely >__<

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