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Thread: Looping Animation (walk cycle) not working

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    Clicker Fusion 2.5 (Steam)Fusion 2.5+ DLC (Steam)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Finni_roverfield View Post
    I would however not feel too easy if i just took the game and ran without a thanks, so would it be okay if i gave you and @spellsword0 a Shoutout in the Credits if the game ever gets finished
    I didn't really do anything and my assumption was wrong anyway, but I wouldn't mind if you felt you needed to. As Linky said though, it was a simple issue, and there will likely be many more in the future. It'd be a pain to credit every random person who tries to help you solve something, but helping is what we're here for, no real credit needed.

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    you should check "vertical sync" in runtime option

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