Hi everyone,

I'm creating a Workshop system for a game that I'll release on Steam and I can publish something within the app, but the thing I want is to be able to see if something has been subscribed
from the workshop when we're in the main menu or at the start of the game (even if the game is close or if we don't subscribe to another thing) and to either see where is that/those file(s)
and list their location in a list or move that/those file(s) to a specific folder to use them later. Like the same way Garry's mod do subscribtion from it's worskhop, when you start the game it
will see if you have subscribe to something, move it to the addons folder (I think) and then load it on the game that way you can use this content. I saw the example for the Steamworks
object but don't find any useful thing solution in it , any tips or help? That would be really much appreciated.

Best regards,