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Thread: How to Use Download Object?

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    How to Use Download Object?

    I wanna add downloads to my game but I don't know how to use this object any help? thanks

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    Bonjour tu a un exemple dans le répertoire de fusion.
    Hello you have an example in the fusion directory.

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    The Download object is very simple to use.


    These are all things you can do with it in a Start of Frame condition. To start a download, you will need something to download off the internet like an image but you can download ANYTHING!!!!


    Here, you enter the link of your file which NEEDS to start with "https://" or "http://".
    For example:

    This is a raw link with a picture of a Google logo. If we want to download it, you can paste this here in the expression box:

    After you typed it in, it will ask you for a destination and file name. I recommend pressing the "Use expression" button under "Cancel".

    If you want to save this image into your game folder, you can type:
    Apppath$ + "\<YourFileName>.png"

    Saving it into folders is no different. You can use:
    Apppath$ + "\<FolderName>\<YourFileName>.png"

    Your folder might need to exist before you download so test that out!

    After that, it will tell you to type your "Slot" number. You can download 4 files at the same time using the Download object so the slot number is just the number of the file you are downloading, just like an ID!

    Your event should now look like this and that's pretty much it.
    You can set up a string showing how much percent your object downloaded but that's optional.

    Happy coding!

    - RedShadow

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