I went to post this in the bug box but it's undergoing maintenance ATM. I figured I'd post this in case someone else ran into the same issue. I'm just about finished with my Castlevania 2 Simon's Quest remake. So before sending it out for beta testing, I decided to run it through my gaming PC. Foursome strange reason, some of my controls did not map out correctly. I couldn't jump, and the back button (B) did nothing as well. I tried this with my 8bitdo Ultimate Wired controller as well as a Game Sir controller I had and I had errors with both. After Uninstalling and updating all the drivers I could, I found the issue. In the "USB Game Controllers" menu in Windows, under the Advanced tab, the section that says something to effect of use this with older programs had nothing selected. I just picked my controller from the drop down list and it worked like a charm. No issues at all. I'll attach some screenshots in a bit of what menus to look for. Hopefully this will be helpful to someone if they have this issue.