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Thread: A Game with a Kitty 1+2 & Treasure Hunter Man [free platformer/metroidvania on Steam]

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    A Game with a Kitty 1+2 & Treasure Hunter Man [free platformer/metroidvania on Steam]

    Hi! I recently re-released a few older freeware games of mine and put them on Steam.

    The games included in this collection are:

    A Game with a Kitty

    A Game with a Kitty 2: Darkside Adventures

    Treasure Hunter Man

    The games all have exploration aspects, but Treasure Hunter Man is probably the most 'metroidvania'-like. There's grandpa-style pixel graphics, original music (thx @ Sean Cameron for making the AGWaK1+2 music) and they're probably kind of retro hard.

    These are re-release versions and can be played in fullscreen on modern systems or a resizable window. The keyboard shortcuts and controls are on the steam page.

    If gamepads don't work for you, enable legacy input support for input devices in Windows.

    Thanks for playing & Happy Merry Holly Jollies!!

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    Red face

    Hi Bernie

    Welcome back. It's so a cute game and full of nostalgia for me. I'm glad that see it on steam. Congrats!

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