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Thread: High Score Tutorial Help

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    High Score Tutorial Help

    Is there some place where one can learn about the high score option.
    Or can someone help out here.
    I made a game with nine mini games.
    Each game has scoring.
    I also have a page for each game and the various high scores.
    What I want to do is this
    One player, we will call him Joe gets 150 points in the first game
    Joe goes to the high score page, there is an icon for each game, click on the icon for game #1. And there is a list of all players with high scores for game #1 And Joe is listed with 150 points
    Sue plays the second game and she gets 120
    Sue goes to the high score page, click on the icon for game #2. And there is a list of all players with high scores for game #2 And Sue is listed with 120 points
    Bill plays game 7 gets 90 points , and goes to the high score page, clicks on the icon , and he is shown the high scores for game #7 and is listed at #90 points
    Then he plays game #1, beats Joe's score, and when he to game #1 high scores, he is now #1, and Joe is number #2.
    Also each of the high score listings has an option where you can erase them all and start over.
    Can someone point me in the right direction/

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    Are you basically asking how to support multiple completely separate high score tables for one game using the Hi-Score Object?

    If so, one thing you could do is have multiple hi-score objects, each with the "Name" property having a different value. You can then create or go to the level with the hi-score object associated with the relevant game.

    Alternatively, you can use a single hi-score object, and then disable the "Check at start" object, and then when you go the hi-score level you use File -> Set current file to change to a different hi-score file. You then need to run the "Player has hi-score" action and if they do you use run the "Ask player for name" action (which also sets the score to the name they specify).

    To reset a hi-score, run the actions "Reset".

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