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Thread: Active Picture doesn't appear when I build the application

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    Active Picture doesn't appear when I build the application

    Hello, I'm kinda new to Clickteam but this never happened to me before...

    So, I'm making a fake OS thing in Fusion 2.5 and everything was working well until this.

    When I test it in Clickteam it appears like normal:

    But then when I build the application, it appears like this:
    broken desktop pls help.png

    Please help! I have no ideia why it's doing this.

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    Probably because the active picture object can't find the image file in the exe at runtime. You either need to include it with the application using the "import binary files" option (consult the manual), or save the image in a sub folder & use events to load the active picture manually from its file path. If you use manual loading you need to make sure the sub folder is included with the built application.

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