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Thread: Maze in a 2D platformer

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    Maze in a 2D platformer

    I'm thinking about if there's a possible way to make player send back to the position if the player has chosen the wrong pattern in a linear platformer level.

    Inspired by this:

    Also if I do not want to set position, does Clickteam is able to render same backdrops and objects duplicated that created before? (Does need to wrap around something?)

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    You could make trigger points, top, middle, bottom, that the player passes through. That trigger stages the next group of objects. If they trigger the wrong group, it will essentially set them in a loop. While the correct group would eventually allow them through.

    if path = 1 then activate group 1 (begin spawning off screen*)
    if path = 2 then activate group 2 (begin spawning off screen*)
    if path = 3 then activate group 3 (begin spawning off screen*)

    Group 1-3
    Spawn blocks.
    Spawn path triggers.

    Once the player has passed through the various pathes, lets say ending at path 6 and they hit the correct 1/2/3 trigger points, then you can activate group mini boss or main boss. Which would have a all the final parts spawn for that sequence.

    *begin spawning off screen - make sure to have destroy if too far from playfied deactivated or don't spawn too far away from the edge of the screen. If automatic deactivate is turned of, you will need to manually say to destroy the objects as they pass X position -0 pixels or more (if going right to left scroll).

    You don't need to use groups but it will help keep things organized and allow you call as group rather than multiple objects.
    IMPORTANT - you may want to add a counter in there that tracks how many times the player has taken the loop path. If it's 3x then maybe just advance them or they may get too frustrated and upset.

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