Sometimes when I enter the Activate group (or Deactivate Group) dialog, it displays the group tree in a sensible way, with the folded/unfolded status of the groups seeming to more or less match my Event List Editor (at least I think it sometimes does - maybe I'm misremembering). Something like in the pic below. This makes finding the right group easy:

But other times, it opens up the dialog with every one of my hundreds of groups and subgroups unfolded, which makes finding the group I want quite tiresome:

I can never figure out what controls this behaviour, or how I can influence it so that it doesn't open everything unfolded. From what I can see:

-It doesn't seem to be directly affected by the state of the groups in the Event List Editor
-It doesn't seem to be affected by the state of the groups in the Event Explorer
-It doesn't seem to remember what was folded/unfolded the last time it was open.

The only behaviour I can figure out is that it seems to always highlight the group that you activated or deactivated last time you used the dialog. Which is sometimes helpful, but often irrelevant.

Does anyone know how this dialog decides whether to fold/unfold the groups?