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Thread: Taking very long time to load runtime with big sprites

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    Question Taking very long time to load runtime with big sprites

    I am in the end stages of the development of a game that usually just took 1-2 seconds to load when working on it during runtime. However after adding a lot of bunch of big sprites at the end here (about 50 sprites with size of about 3000-5000px x 2000px) the load time when booting up the game in Fusion runtime is about 12-13 seconds, which makes development quite a slog. I was afraid this would also carry over to the actual build .exe file but the actual game when fully built boots up much faster (3-4 seconds) so that is nice.

    But yes, it is quite a slog to work this way with the amount of time every boot up takes. Is there any way to make it faster or somehow exclude these sprites during the boot up or something?

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    If it's an active object you can use "Animation > Load Frame" to load an external image into a frame during runtime

    NB: If there's multiple frames you need to load, the 'empty' active object needs an existing frame for each one you want to load

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    It sounds like your game runs fine then, it's more a problem with working on the game now? At least I have noticed that loading active pictures whenever I can instead of active objects with the image contained, makes the actual workflow more enjoyable, since fusion starts to lag a bit when you have massive objects in the frame editor, and also saving the project takes longer.

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