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Thread: Global Function Object

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    Global Function Object

    Global Function Object by Burkey

    For people who have never used the extension before consider these scenarios:

    You have an application that uses a sub-app object for a dialog box, or anything else. You want to transfer information between the sub-app and the main app. The Global Function object lets you pass messages containing data between the two frames.

    Another scenario:
    You have two vitalize applets on a webpage and you want to transfer information between them - this object can do it. (When MMF 2.0 vitalize comes out, someone should email me so I can submit the vitalize version)

    The object also allows two completly independant MMF apps to message each other.

    The truth is, this is a really important object because it is essential for many kinds of applications - it'd be good if someone decided to make a better version, which is more user friendly and which can work across networks. Global function object is not a very MMFy name either, but until such a new object comes, this will fill the need.

    Thanks to Jeff for reminding me to get this done, and thanks to Yves for helping me resolve a difficult problem.

    The object is free for freeware and commercial use as stated in the FAQ.
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    Download link is broken!
    Nicolas "Nico" Sourdeval

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