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Thread: Got an idea for an extension? Read this!

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    Got an idea for an extension? Read this!

    Got a great idea for an object? Fantastic! Just consider the following:

    1. Does this extension already exist?
    Check the Released Extensions sub-forum. You could also ask a fellow Clicker if they know of an extension which can do what you want or even if it is possible without extensions.

    2. Has it already been suggested?
    Try using this forum's search facility.

    3. Should you propose it?
    If it is something which will only be of use to yourself then it is unlikely that someone will make it without you paying them. This is especially true if it would require them to buy additional hardware or software.

    4. How should you propose it?
    A. Format the topic title like so: "[Request] UDP broadcast object" or "Spiral movement (Request)".
    B. You should also use the posting icon.
    C. Be polite, especially when requesting for a specific user to port an extension. People usually make extensions for free in their spare time, and it is usually more difficult than it appears.
    D. Write in enough detail that people will know the intended use and how it should be approached. For example, if you are asking for someone to make an MMF implementation of an open source project then please provide useful links.

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    Re: Got an idea for an extension?

    Also, I would suggest proper English, capitalizing and a use of our good friends "." and ",".
    People would prefer making an extension for:
    "Hello, Can please someone make a Spiral movement Extension for me? Because I really need it for my game." and not for:
    "hi can som1 plz make spiral movement ext 4 me cuz i rly need it 4 my gam".

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