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Thread: Can you use USB Controllers for input?

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    Can you use USB Controllers for input?

    Hi, I just downloaded the 30-day trial and I must know something before I attempt to create any games.

    I planned on making an SNES-styled platformer that would have similar physics to a mario game, or whatever.

    I have a USB controller with 12 buttons 2 joysticks and a directional (POV) pad. It is very similar to a SNES pad so thats why I decided to make a platformer...

    How can I use this USB controller for input in my game?

    I took a look at the analog controller object, but I have a feeling this is not what I'm looking for, as it doesn't show anywhere near 12 buttons...

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    Re: Can you use USB Controllers for input?

    I'm not certain if this is entirely possible in TGF2 yet... there is an extension in the z33z extension pack for MMF2, but I don't know if TGF2 will have an equivalent. The internal control engine (Ctrl+Y) does allow up to four buttons on a joystick, though.

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