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Thread: [Bug] Bouncing ball movement

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    [Bug] Bouncing ball movement

    I've already posted these examples of bouncing ball movement bugs in the French Forum some times ago.
    I repost here to illustrate these again.

    EDIT: It's in French, sorry, but it's easy to understand.
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    Re: [Bug] Bouncing ball movement

    Bug 1# Yeah I can see that the block doesn't get destroyed in the intended order. This may be intentional to stop a double collision with a object. This also creates another bug where the ball doesn't bounce correctly always when entering a corner.

    Bug 2# This is an expected result of a collision with an object that overshoots an object. This has been written about on the ClickWiki as bullets passing through objects. In this case the object goes into a loop where it can't get unstuck from the other object. This is a case were extra code needs to be written to handle the collision condition where the objects are overlapping. I use the only one condition when event loops, and I found it unsticks the object nicely. You may also need to write an overlapping condition to handle the situation.

    Bug3# I think your refering to the security of being 100 and the ball should not move for 100 bounces or something according to the documentation. I found if the value is set to 0 the ball sticks to going up and down. However in frame 2 you would think that the object could only move in the horizontal direction given security is 0. However the number of directions is set to 32. I suspect that when an object overlaps another object you get an overflow condition or an underflow condition internally which causes the object to vibrate and behave erratically.

    Anyway I can't see any strange object behaviour, so you may need to explain the bug a little better.

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