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Thread: Japanese/East Asian support?

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    Japanese/East Asian support?

    I was interested in making some educational programs for Japanese. Problem being that these programs are going to be run on US systems. When I put japanese in strings, it becomes "??" unless MMF2 is run in applocale. Then, when the program is built and run it won't work. The program will however work under applocale.

    Is there any way to have native jp support under english windows systems in mmf2 builds, or am I just going to have to distribute applocale links with my program? It's assumed that the users will already have eastern languages installed, since they'll need the language bar to type in japanese.

    I kind of hoped that building the program while MMF2 was run under applocale that it'd work without the program needing applocale. I tried searching around but didn't notice anything about JIME, Japanese etc.

    I can upload my test program somewhere if anyone wants to take a look, it's beyond simple (global string, popup box, input box.)

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    Re: Japanese/East Asian support?

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