The build #29 of Install Creator and Install Creator Pro is ready :

Standard version
Pro version

What's new in this version :

- New : "Vista : Run as administrator" option, in the Options tab. If this option is selected, the installer will be executed on Vista with elevated privileges. Note: this option should be selected for 99% of the installers, as it is required if, for example, you install files to a sub-directory of the Program Files directory. Unselect this option only if you know what you do.

PS: the installers are now fully compatible with Vista and the Program Compatibility Assistant won't display the "This program might not have correctly installed" dialog box if you don't install an uninstaller.

- Note about Vista : on Vista you shouldn't run your program from the installer, as it will be executed with administrator privileges (unless you have unselected the option above).

- Fix : display bug in the Files list if the source directories contain more than 65535 files.

- (Pro only): new #AllUsersDocuments# macro to retrieve the Documents directory for all users, typically C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents on XP/2000 or C:\Users\Public\Documents on Vista.

- (Pro only): #AllUsersDir# now returns C:\Users\Public on Vista. This function was bugged in previous builds. Note: you shouldn't need to use this macro anyway, use the #AllUsersAppData# and #AllUsersDocuments# macros instead.

- (Pro only): the "Additional Files To Remove" box now supports macros (i.e. you can now remove files from different directories) and is no longer limited to file extensions. For example:

#AppData#\YourDir\Image*.bmp will remove all the Image*.bmp files from the YourDir sub-directory of the user's application data directory (and from all the sub-directories of YourDir).

Refer to the documentation for more information.

Thank you for reading!