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Thread: 3D Mesh object (Resident Evil engine)

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    3D Mesh object (Resident Evil engine)

    Hi all,

    i have recently discovered the 3d mesh object and i think its an amazing extension. And now im working on a resident evil style engine, so 2d backgrounds and 3d characters/objects. Now the problem is this, i can give movement to my guy like turning and animations are working just fine, but id really like to know how to make my character move the direction hes facing.

    For turning around i got:
    -repeat while a key is pressed -> move mainchar's Y direction +1
    (something like that)

    but its a 3d object and i gotta make a custom system on how to detect what direction the main char is facing and make him move that direction by upon pressing forward etc.

    I tried alot to make this work but maybe i missed a couple of things, i really do hope this is possible though...

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    Re: 3D Mesh object (Resident Evil engine)

    I don't think it is a good idea to make it with the 3D Mesh object. The object is only ment to show single 3D meshes. You might want to wait for the Irrlicht object, but I'm not sure if anyone is working on it anymore :cry:

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    Re: 3D Mesh object (Resident Evil engine)

    I have tried making a small game to work with the 3D Mesh object but it was just too messy (I couldn't figure out how to do the same thing you are trying to do--the direction and movement stuff was all really crazy) Also, don't the 3d resources have to be outside of exes? The extension would be great if it were made more user-friendly.. I'd love to be able to have small low-poly models working on 2d scenes.

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    Re: 3D Mesh object (Resident Evil engine)

    Have any of you guys had any futher success with 3d mesh object? I'd really like to see what you guys have done with it, even if its buggy.

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