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Thread: Ini? mine-e-moe

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    Ini? mine-e-moe

    Wondering how you would point to an ini. file when uploaded via the internet. Does input of http:// value do it?

    What is the easiest way to point to location on ftp?

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    Re: Ini? mine-e-moe

    I wouldn't try and use INI files over the Internet - I've heard of similar IMI files being used, but they're insecure as anyone can read or write to them.

    If you want to get data from an online location, you could try using an SQL database, accessed through a set of PHP pages and the Moosock object. (I've written a guide to this, it's on the Tutorials page.)

    As for FTP, I think there's an FTP object for that very purpose - I haven't checked, though.

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