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Thread: 3D Platformer help

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    3D Platformer help

    What I'm interested in is a platformer similar to this game:

    I have an idea on how to generate the levels, but I don't think it can be isometrical like that game. My idea is possibly a set of arrays that first divides the field into a grid and places the pieces and heights stored in a file for each level. Afterwards another array generates the heights of each individual XY coordinate in playfield, pixel by pixel, and depending on the player's relative height in that particular coordinate, will either allow movement (player height = object height), deny movement (player height < object height), or cause the player to fall (player height > object height). The player itself would move using alterable values to store its XY position on the "board", and its height is then subtracted from its actual Y-position in the frame to create the illusion of elevation.

    Now for downsides... Obviously, since this system is dependant on exact XY coordinates in the frame, making it isometrical would be extremely difficult if not impossible. Either way, the sprites I'm using wouldn't fit well with isometricity(?) anyway, as they're N/S/E/W sprites as opposed to NE/NW/SE/SW sprites. Another kinda big drawback is it's almost solely dependant on active objects; backdrops won't work, or at least I can't really see them working. Lastly, the arrays are just HUGE, and from I learned in computer class, probably take up massive amounts of memory.

    Before I attempt this strategy, are there any more efficent ways to make this? Or maybe a way I COULD make it isometrical? Also, please note that I'm currently running on the trial versions of TGF2/MMF2, and only plan to buy TGF2 if anything.

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    Re: 3D Platformer help

    If you store a 'collision map' as 1 : walls and 0 : space then you could track the player coordinates on the array as maybe a 2 or something.

    As for recording into the array, you could use active objects as the sprites, and a loop that puts them into the grid depending on thier bottom y coordinate.

    That way, actives 'behind' your player can be ordered behind him.

    Thats all i can come up with right now.

    You might have to bend some rules, i dont think tgf was made for this.

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