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Thread: MMF2 - Grab and Move a Active Picture

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    MMF2 - Grab and Move a Active Picture

    OK, this should be something that I should be able to do but I guess my mind is just not working today.

    I have an active picture object on screen with a picture loaded of a person. Now I know that I can set the hot zone for the center of the picture and drag the picture around on the screen by telling the hot zone to follow the cursor. However, when I zoom in on the picture and I want to drag the picture I have a problem.

    Assume I zoom in on the eye of the face. The eye is about as big as my monitor screen. Now I want to drag a little right or left. But I cannot see the hot zone and I don't want the picture to jump around to the center because then I would be viewing a close up of the person's belly button.

    I wish the active picture object had an action that would just let you point at the picture anywhere - center, upper right whatever and be able to drag it.

    Has anyone done something like this and have some sample? I know I would have to record where the cursor clicks and then figure out how that position is relative to the upper left corner of the picture to be able to calculate the new x,y for the upper left corner as the cursor moves.

    Any ideas??

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    Re: MMF2 - Grab and Move a Active Picture

    Record the offset of the mouse from the picture when you first click, then, in your dragging event, add the offset you previously found.

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