Is it possible to save an entire active object or active picture in an array like the dynamic array.

I know the active object is considered and used for moving objects. But in a more general way you can thing of it as representing any type of object you want to define, a person, a record, a collection of items, a form or whatever. Within both the active object and active picture you can have up to 26 different alterable values or text strings which can be renamed.

So let say I have an active oject and I define it as a person. Then I added alterable features like name, hair color, height, weight, etc... I then create events like get name, set name etc..

Now I use the create object function to create three active "person" objects and they are on the frame. Only one of them is selected at one time. I then define the alterable feature for each like hair color; for one is black, another is blond and the third has brown hair. Now I also give each name like Joe, Mary, Fred.

Now I want to save the three active objects into a dynamci array with the feature "Name" being the key to each object. I save the array and call it "People".

So I've create an object database.

If I had test and number fields tied to the select object via events then the properties would appear as each object is selected.

Or has this already been created by another extension?