As mention above, I really think CT should open your own hotel, based ONLY on save/load data from hotel.

There's many reason why CT should do this in a hurry, or atleast in MMF3, extra feature will be - Like NOW able to save highscore, pictures, mp3 files everything you like, use our brand new extension "CT hotel", this extension will automatic control your uploads/downloads using "CT Hotel"

1.It will only work on YOUR Hotel and it's may be free.
2.Otherwice people with MMF2 dev. will allow this free CT WEB Hotel during Games/vitalize things.
3.Actuelly CT could earn extra moneys for this CT Hotel?

What do you think about my idea so far, I deffently think this could work in the real world without any problems.

It require only a Harddisk outside the internet or at CT place.

Im sure CT have the occasionally to get code people who can develop this in a week or so, I'm really serius about this, plz reconsider my idea twice.
It's Good - just the way Jim carry say "It's Gooood"

MY idea is based on the topic Online Score!