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Thread: MOO Sock + V. Large Files

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    MOO Sock + V. Large Files

    Does anybody have any advice regarding MOO SOCK and transferring very large files (e.g. 1.5GB)... I know its clear that kind of thing might cause some problems, but the program I've written works perfectly with smaller files and hangs with these bigger ones (obviously i've given enough time for it to make the transfer, this is on a LAN obviously...) and I'm stumped as to what I should change for bigger files...

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    I have the same problem. Even from 15MB it makes problems or freezes. The only solution should be splitting the file into little pieces and send them by and by. But that┤s very tricky to get it split at first. I don┤t have any idea how to do that easily...

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    I seem to recall MooSock had issues with sending large binary data streams in one go. I've not tested it but OINC Socket might be useful:

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