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Thread: Active Button Widget

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    Active Button Widget

    This Widget provides a four-state, clickable button made with an Active Object.

    Note: This Widget includes a set of custom graphics that you can replace. Unlike the internal graphics (which can be pasted in) the offset for the button down is handled in the position of the clicked graphic itself. Please refer to the graphics for correct positioning. You can also change the behavior to handle the offset by adjusting the hotspot.


    Set the Alterable Value Named "Disabled" to 1 to disable the button and prevent any actions.

    The four states retrieved by the Alterable String, "State" are:
    Normal = "Normal"
    Mouseover = "Over"
    Clicked = "Clicked"
    Disabled = "Disabled"

    Custom graphics for the buttons states are loaded here. This is very flexible. If no graphics exist for the buttons, the object will revert to the default graphics.

    File Format: .png with alpha transparency.

    Defaultt Filenames:


    You can customize this as needed, i.e., image directory, file type, etc.

    Alternately, you can simply use the Picture Editor and paste-in your own button-state graphics.
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