We are getting ready to begin work on some interesting stuff in the New Year.

This will involved specialized extension(s) designed to make animating, (movies and cartoons as well as presentations, etc.) a breeze in MMF2. It is along the order of real-time recording and playback as well as "puppeteering" groups (parent/child) of Active Objects, etc.

What we hope to accomplish is the most powerful and easy way to do this so that users will be able to create cut-scenes for games and other dynamic content, as well -- all with minimal eventing.

In the course of doing this, testing and feedback from people who are experienced with animating, (including creating their own graphic content) would be very helpful. Along with suggesting and testing extensions, there are certain standards that may be developed for controlling objects, etc.

We hope to have many benefits for those who test actively. We could also use some graphics to use as a basis for the work involved. Later on, if the project is successful, we may put together some custom content for users to go with this package. That content would all revolve around backgrounds, props, and custom animation characters, as well as effects.

Contact me via PM if you are a registered and experienced user of MMF2 and also fit the animation criteria which includes having made a movie/cartoon with MMF2 or other products, and optionally, having some graphics skills. It also helps to have some time to spare.