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Thread: Update Failure

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    Update Failure

    The last couple of times TGF2 has announced an update was available, it's shown the empty progress bar for a few minutes... Then, nothing. (The progress bar window closes without update.)

    I've still been able to download and install the updates manually, but it's a little troubling. Has anyone else experienced a similar problem?

    Incidentally, I'm using Zone Alarm, but I *have* told it to allow TGF2 access.

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    Re: Update Failure

    Yes, this is a known issue, for some reason TGF2 and MMF2 don't launch the automatic update anymore. I don't know why that was working before, as we didn't change anything (or almost anything). This will be fixed in the build 248, but if you use any previous build you have to manually download and install the patch. We'll add a comment about this in the next newsletter.

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