[size:14pt]MooClick for Dummies.[/size]
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This article doesn't have any examples, any codes for using mooclick but it only tells you what it is and a description of all its basic functions.
This Article is specially designed for beginers that need help with making chat systems or an online engine.

What is it and what does it do?
MooClick is an extension for Multimedia Fusion 2, Developer or The games factory 2. MooClick can be used for making chat programs, Online Multiplayer games such as runescape or any other MMORPG. MooClick is very easy to use if you understand the basics.

What does a chat program need?
A simple chat program needs The MooClick object, 2 Edit boxes, a list, 3 button and a Rich edit object. I wrote in the beggining of this article that I will not give out examples so just head over to the tutorials in the Clickteam website. The tutorial is how to make a simple chat program by Jeff. Click here and scroll down until you see the simple_chat tutorials.

What does every Online Game need?
The MooClick object, Player active object, User Active object, string parser.
The Player active object is your character and the User active object is for the users. You only need 1 player and 1 user. The String parser splits the x and y possition of the player into 2 different coordinates but that is a bit advanced so I wont go there ( Im not saying I don't know how, This is a beginner tutorial).

Getting a server
A server is the main part of mooclick. Without a server you will not be able to create a chat or an online game. In the beginning of every frame when you are using mooclick you must connect to a server. Simple do Start Of Frame > Connect to "Random_server" at port 1203. The port is useally 1203. To get a free server go to www.mooservers.com After we connect we must sign onto a channel and once we've signed in we create our player object.

Intro to Packets
What is a packet? Well first of you need to understand how we want it so when My character moves in my computer everyone else in other computers can see me.
How do we do that? Well its simple, For a top-view online game it is really easy. We need to send the X and Y possition of the Player through a subchannel. It is like delviering mail (Packets)through a street (Subchannel) Eveyone in the stree recieves it.
Lets say our character is moving around like the one in the picture. The Horizontal line (Across) is the X possition and the Vertical (down)is the Y possition. The thing is, we need our house to have a mail box to recieve the mail, in other words we need to program our game to recieve the possitions of the Player.

Sending Packets
I explained alot in the Intro to packets section. Well I gave an example with a mail being sent by a postman through a street. I will not type any codes in this article but I will make an explaination. We need our game to send the packets carrying the X and Y possition when the character moves.
[color:#FF0000]Warning: Don't send the packets too often because alot of packets will cause lag and waste internet downloads. There are a few ways to send less packets but that will be for Moderate tutorials.[/color] Any way, when we send the x and Y possition through a subchannel (Make the subchannel 0 or some random number) We need to recieve it.

Recieving Packets
Now that the Player has sent the packets we want the people in other computers to recive them. Once they recieve the X an Y possition of the specified character then we will get the user Active objects X and Y into the X and Y of the packets so then it will move But we need to give the user an alterable value A of the id it signs onto. So everytime someone connect to a server they will get an id such as 1, then the next person who signs on will get the id of 2 etc. When we recieve the Packets we want to make sure that the Id of the user = the id of the player that sent the x and y. This may seem confusing but it will help alot.

I have finished my article. You will have to experiment with the coditons and events. This article only describes the main parts of MooClick.
Also when you are playing your character will be the player but in other people's computers you will be a User.

Hope this helped some beginners.