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Thread: Phizix Chipmunk - a few improvements

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    Phizix Chipmunk - a few improvements

    I've had some ideas for improvements with the Phizix extensions. I heard that Daniel Rehn won't modify anything to the actual chipmunk engine, but these improvements I have in mind are really important.

    1) When two objects have a slider joint, and one is on a floor, the other in the air, the one in the air will obviously stop falling if the maximum length is met. However, even though the object stops, the velocity is intact which will make some objects fall through it even though it stands completely still.

    2) The ablity to freeze. It'd be really useful if you could freeze either x/y positions, angles or velocities. The always condition just isn't enough to make sure these values keep the same.

    3) Individual gravity. Sometimes the gravity just isn't the same for all objects, say, one object is a gravity-negative compared to the other objects, yet are in the same room as the others.

    4) Objects goes through walls. When a object with high vertical velocity lands on a floor, the object goes around 1-10 pixels into the floor, and if the wall and object is thin enough, go completely through. (This may be unfixable due to it being a part of the chipmunk core physics?)

    Even though some of these can't be fixed, I'd really like to see some of these improvements.

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    Re: Phizix Chipmunk - a few improvements

    Individual gravity can be done by applying a force proportional to the objects mass, and for stuff going through walls nothing can really be done except increasing Iterations...

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