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    Here it is. The starfield with forward and reverse movement. There is more that could be done to it, like gradual acceleration and deaccelaration but I just don't have time to spit and polish this example.

    There maybe some extra variables in the click code that I over looked when I stripped it down to upload to this archive.

    There is an obstacle to overcome with other game sprites in this example. The problem is that if you try to move towards another game sprite you don't gain any ground. Sometimes you will see a game sprite actually repel as you try to move closer. In order to see this action you will need to add some game sprites yourself. For example use some of the asteroids included with mmf. I left out any extra sprites to keep the file size small, especially since it's just a click away to add a sprite yourself.

    I am considering hard coding the x,y coordinates for all apposing sprites. If anyone has any other ideas on how to overcome this sprite movement problem, please let me know.

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