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Thread: Active Object + (update)

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    Active Object + (update)

    MINOR UPDATE: Changed the app and frame name. Moved the fade code to its own behavior. Future additions will have separate behaviors for each feature. It looks better that way and allows you to easily customize your Widget.

    I get a lot of mileage from MMF2 Widgets.

    This is an improvement or addition to Active Dragger. We may go through version numbers, (in the Behavior comments) as this may be an ongoing project.

    V1.0 of the ActiveObject+ Widget now features auto-fade, (plus the ActiveDragger capabilities). The settings for the named Alterable Values are related in the Behavior's comments.

    You can:
    Fade in
    Fade out
    Fade in then out
    Fade out then in


    If you want to fade IN for the first time that an object is going to appear, be sure to set its transparency value to 128 at the start of the frame or when creating an instance.

    There is currently no pause, (object staying fully visible between a "fade in then fade out", but you can do that manually by eventing it. Maybe we will add that later.

    You can also set the fade in and out speeds independently.

    We could eventually add auto-rotate and auto-sizing for other fast and easy to use effects.

    If you have any ideas, questions, or want to add to this project, please post comments in the Extensions forum using this Widget's name in the title. One idea has been to create each set of features as a separate behavior to make deleting what you don't need easy. Maybe we will do that after this has advanced a bit.

    It would be good to get ActivePictureDragger to include the features of ActiveObject+, or any other objects that might benefit from them, for that matter.

    Also, would users like to see any of these Behavior features built-into future versions of MMF's objects as actions?

    Remember: The best place to put your Widgets is in a folder under libs named Widgets. Create one and put them all there if you haven't already. From there you can drag the file itself into MMF2 to look at the simple, regular events or the Behavior. Or, you can double click that file and drag the object itself into your frame.

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