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Thread: thing thing movement

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    thing thing movement

    OK, OK the title may be a bit misleading but thing thing is a game (type it into Google) and, if you play it you WILL be amazed at how fluid and smooth the character movement is. i am wondering how to make this sort of movement, mostly the flips. can anyone help me?
    thanks for reading, cloudwolf

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    Re: thing thing movement

    Each part of the character would be a seperate object, this allows you to manipulate things better.

    You could possibly make use of the chipmunk physics thing.

    I don't really have the time to make an example or anything right now, as I have to go out.

    But maybe theres some examples of this kind of thing in the archives.

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    Re: thing thing movement

    Basically you have to make your movement procedural, derived frame by frame at runtime based on a set of math formulas.

    For example, his arm has a position that is dynamically determined according to where the mouse is. When he shoots, his arm ramps upward from the recoil. To accomplish this, constantly set the arm's angle to be pointing at the mouse, and when he fires his gun, you would add a variable for recoil to the arm's angle. Each frame you would reduce this recoil variable so that the arm gradually returned to it's original position. Controlling the speed of the return would be a matter of what formula you used to change the current recoil modifier; since it returns quickly at first but slows down as it nears it's original position, it's obviously not just being subtracted. A quick and dirty way would be to cut it in half each frame.

    So, for the arm, you would end up with something like this:

    -Position "Arm" at 0, 0 from "Body" (You would make sure the arm's hotspot was positioned so that it would be in the center of the body when the arm was the appropriate distance away)
    -Set angle of "Arm" to (angle from body to mouse) - "CurrentRecoil"


    +(Whatever event causes shooting)

    This would give you shooting with 45 degrees of smooth recoil movement.

    For flips, you would initially orient each limb according to the body's current angle, then add or subtract whatever you thought was appropriate; for example, for the legs, the simplest thing would be to derive the leg's extra rotation from the body's rotation. For example, you could have it orient itself to the body as before and then subtract half of the body's current rotation, to a maximum of 20 degrees--this would cause the legs to gradually "lag" behind the body, but only to a certain point. Then you could add an event that started adding to the leg's rotation once the body reached a certain rotation; for example, once the body reaches 180', start tilting the legs towards the ground by 1 extra degree for every degree of rotation the character has past 180, to a maximum of 270. That would make it look like the character was getting ready to land because his legs would smoothly tilt towards the ground until they were fully pointed downwards.

    (Note that I might be off as far as when you add to rotation and when you subtract. I have a hard time keeping that straight.)

    The hard thing about this kind of animation is mundane things like punching, kicking, walking, and so forth. You need to make a math formula (or several) for every single one, and if you wanted your character to walk like the Thing Thing guy, you would have to calculate curves as well.

    So it's doable, but impractical for most purposes.

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