I am trying to use the FadeIn and FadeOut effects on an active object. I have a couple events that look like:

+Every 60" seconds
+ Number of (Active) <= 4
-Create (Active)
- (Active)Set X position to 100 + Random(80)

+Every 1 second
+Pick one of (Active)
-(Active) Destroy

The expected outcome is to have an Active fade in every 60" second. Then every second, destroy one of the exisitng Actives, which causes it to fade out. This works sort of. The problem is that sometimes, the destroy command is called mid fade and the object pops out (or maybe it is popping out during the fade in). I tried adding a condition to check if the object was "visible" but popping still exists.

Does anyone know of a better condition to check whether or not the Fade transition has finished?

Any help is appreciated,