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Thread: Sound Capabilities

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    Sound Capabilities

    Sounds become louder when the main character is closer to the the origin of the sound, and softer / lower volume when the character moves away from the origin of the sound.

    Is this possible with the following software ?

    TGF 1
    TGF 2
    MMF 1.5
    MMF 2

    And how is it accomplished if at all possible ?

    ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????

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    Re: Sound Capabilities

    Very possible with MMF2 since it contains a massive amount of functions for the volume of the sounds on individual channels along with the pan of the channel and a host of other actions.

    The tricky part comes with the development of a series of events in your creation that will make it work correctly.

    but the actions exist in the default sound engine.

    Edit - I got bored so I made this in a minute

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    Re: Sound Capabilities

    Here's an example I made: 65

    I hope this is what you're looking for.

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