I've recently been experimenting with fake 3D and I have some problems. Click here to download. This includes my first attempt (test 3d.mfa), my second attempt (3D.mfa), and a screen saver I made that also has some minor problems.

you can't walk off the platforms by the front. you have to go off the back end. (not a problem. I know how to fix it)

test 3d.mfa:
1 takes a lot of events to work
2jump in front of a pillar and you're put behind it after you get to a certain hight
3jump onto platform doesn't always go all the way onto it
4character doesn't always start out so it can walk

pretty much the same problems. to make the character jump onto the platform, switch the "on platform" group of events on.
when jumping onto the platform, the shadow disappears for a little bit sometimes
with "on platform" on, if you walk in front of the platform and then walk behind it, you don't go behind until you go past the top part of the platform

Screen Saver.mfa
every once in a while, one of the circles will randomly appear in the play area
is there a way to make the circles seem like they come from off the screen?

Any advice and suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!