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Thread: Reducing file size

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    Reducing file size

    I realize there probably isn't much that can be done, but my game is about 120 mb right now. Is there no way that this can be smaller? I mean, I have to copy/paste my 3000 event stages + all the objects for the game I'm doing. That's about 20mb every level. I cannot remove anything since they are all needed.

    Anyone know of methods to reduce file size maybe? I plan to have around 10 levels..which would amount to around 600mb+ at this rate.

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    Re: Reducing file size

    On the workspace toolbar, click on you application then in the properties toolbar click on "settings" (The one with the red tick on top of the paper).
    Go Down to "Build Options" and next to "Compression level" set the drop box to "Maximum".

    Hope it helps!

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    Re: Reducing file size

    If you wrote 3000+ event app you probably know this already, but just mentioning it for the record...

    So stating the obvious - if you have so many monstrous events repeating, maybe putting some of them in global events would help? Maybe some of the objects can be reused etc?

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